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Little Giggles Soft Play

Increasing Facebook reach, followers, and sales organically; plus growing a mailing list from scratch to 1,622 customers in 14 days through viral competitions.


Little Giggles Soft Play, a children’s play area business, came to Connect Digital looking to increase their Facebook following, engagement and number of sales through social. They wanted to achieve this organically as their ad budget was being spent elsewhere.

Little Giggles were also looking to grow an email list of their customers so they could keep them coming back to the soft play more often and get them to book parties, events and membership.

Following the creation of a new social strategy, we launched highly engaging competitions. We were able to:

  • Grow the following to over 6,000 people and still growing
  • Increase the average reach of all posts by 2x
  • Average more than 200 comments per post
  • Grow their mailing list from 0 to 1,622 subscribers, who were existing customers
  • While promoting their events and offerings through viral competitions
  • Leading to an increase in local awareness of the business and a large new sales channel for the business

How we helped


We immediately undertook a comprehensive analysis of the existing social strategy and formulated a new one based on the requirements for organic activity.

Daily competitions, giving away a prize with a face value of around £2 and almost no real cost to the business, increased reach and engagement for the page, which allowed other more sales-centric posts to reach a wider audience organically, thereby increasing sales. It also allowed for large organic growth in following, averaging around 100 new people per week.


As the intention for the new list was to be a sales channel, we wanted to ensure we were getting highly relevant people subscriber to the list. We looked at the most popular offerings of Little Giggles and settled on giving away one of their parties. This meant everyone signing up would be interested in the services on offer.

When we launched the campaign we added a viral component, allowing people to get extra entries for every friend they referred to the competition who entered it.

By pushing out the competition through existing organic marketing channels Little Giggles had and then using the viral referral element to increase reach, we were able to get it in front of a highly relevant audience without ad spend.

Our results

These efforts led to:


  • Increasing the page following to more than 6,000 people.
  • Increasing the average reach of all posts by 2x.
  • An average of more than 200 comments per post.
  • Increasing local awareness and sales for the business.


  • The mailing list growing from nothing to 1,622 subscribers.
  • 10,910 highly relevant local people being reached by the competition.
  • 753 shares of the competition.
  • A great new sales channel for the business.

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