Case Study

Giggle Booth

Generating sub-£2 leads for a photo booth company using Messenger marketing


The franchise owner of Giggle Booth in the South West, a wedding photo booth company, came to Connect Digital looking to increase the number of leads and bookings they receive each month.

Following the setup of a Messenger lead funnel, we were able to:

  • Gain 126 new high quality leads in the campaigns first 28 days
  • At an average cost per lead of £1.79
  • With a conversion rate of 5.5%
  • For a product with an average order value of £525, leading to a large ROI.

How we helped

Giggle Booth wanted to promote an offer for their wedding photo booth service. The goal was to get the contact details of as many people actively looking for a wedding photo booth as possible, as cheaply as possible.

We setup a Messenger lead funnel. To identify people actively planning their wedding a high quality piece of content was created around wedding planning, with ads initially targeted towards that.

People who clicked on those ads were then retargeted with the offer and a call to action to message Giggle Booth.

Our results

These efforts led to:

  • 126 new leads in the first 28 days of the campaign
  • At an average cost per lead of £1.79
  • With a 5.5% conversion rate
  • For a product with an average order value of £525.

Screenshot of Messenger leads coming in

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