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Bristol Bubble Ball

Increasing conversions by 13000% while decreasing costs 90% through PPC over an 18 week period


Bristol Bubble Ball, a sports events company, came to Connect Digital looking to increase the number of bookings they receive each month and lower their cost per booking. They especially wanted to improve their Adwords PPC campaign.

Following a series of changes to their PPC strategy, we were able to:

  • Increase their conversions rate 1002.96%
  • While increasing their conversions 1300.00%
  • And decreasing their cost per conversion 90.77%
  • Leading to thousands of pounds more per month in revenue for the same ad budget.

How we helped

We immediately undertook a comprehensive analysis of the existing AdWords campaign, which resulted in several large scale changes to targeting, keywords, match types, ad copy, landing pages, bid amounts and more.

Following these initial improvements, constant iterative improvements were undertaken on the account, that have continued to improve results.

Conversion optimisation changes on landing pages were also undertaken, including adding more ways for mobile traffic to convert.

Our results

These efforts led to:

  • Increasing the conversion rate 1002.96%, from 0.51% to 5.57%.
  • Increasing the number of conversions 1300.00% from 7 to 98
  • Decreasing the cost per conversion 90.77%, from £137.73 per conversion, down to £12.71 per conversion.
  • The click through rate improving 740.67%, from 1.50% to 12.61% as a result of better targeting.
  • Increasing revenue by thousands of pounds a month.

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