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Betty's Birds

Over a 3 month period increased the number of leads by 343% and revenue by more than 4x for an events company.


Betty’s Birds, a UK-wide creative workshop events company, came to Connect Digital looking to increase the number of leads and workshop bookings they receive each month. They especially wanted to improve their lead generation through social media.

We completely revamped their social strategy and following the creation of a series of social media content sales funnels, we were able to:

  • Increase the number of leads they received by 343%
  • While increasing the quality of leads
  • Resulting in an improved conversion rate and increasing revenue by more than 4x


How we helped

We immediately undertook a comprehensive analysis of the existing social strategy and formulated a new one based off the long buying cycle and comparison shopping and planning behaviour of the target market.

We settled on a model of complex, multistage social content funnels, optimised at each stage to drive action. Following the initial creation of these funnels, constant iterative improvements were made to increase conversions at each step and retarget traffic that did not initially convert. 

Our results

These efforts led to:

  • Increasing the number of leads by 343% over a three month period
  • Increasing the quality of leads and their familiarity with the company, which led to improved conversion rates
  • An engaged social following with ad delivery costs of less than 3p per click
  • Increasing revenue by more than 4x over a three month period

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