Ready for Google’s mobile friendly update?

Does your website comply with Google’s mobile friendly update?

The latest update from Google is focused around a mobile algorithm, as a result they now place even more significance on mobile-friendless as a factor they use to rank their websites – dubbed #mobilegeddon. The update has no effect on desktop or tablets but will boost the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results, not matter if you are a large or small business this will impact businesses of all sizes.

Basically, they are telling you to ensure your website is responsive (accessible on all devices, whereby your website will resize to fit the screen) or risk being pushed down the pecking order in search results by other mobile friendly websites.

Last year i wrote a blog post ‘Is responsive web design the future’ where i highlighted the importance of a mobile friendly website:

Without doubt the future of web design is through responsive design, now is the time to get on board or risk being overshadowed by your competitors who have already taken the step! There has been a huge surge in responsive web design and I think it will continue to thrive.

Google has said that they expect mobile will overtake desktop in the near future and they have already sent out a notice to ensure website owners fix any mobile usability issues on their website.

Although an update focused around mobile search results was inevitable at some point, many website owners are yet to comply with the changes.

If you are not convinced or are still yet to take any action, the facts below speak for themselves:

– 80% of internet users now own smartphones (source: Global Web Index)

– More than half of all consumption of digital media happens on mobile devices (source: com Score)

If you’re unsure whether your website is mobile friendly try this handy Mobile Friendly Test from Google.

Unsure how to optimise your website for the new update? We offer a free website audit!


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