How do you rank well in Google?

Following on from my last blog post (The transition of SEO), below are some steps to take to get your website listed higher in Google’s natural search.

  • Content updates – Update your website with fresh, new and unique content which is well written and useful to your customers.
  • Social integration – Regularly share and engage on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and integrate this into your website.
  • Encourage people to talk about your business online, gain honest feedback and testimonials.
  • Mobile performance – Ensure you have a mobile-optimised website that is user-friendly on all devices.
  • Active website – Google check to see that websites are ‘alive’ and that they continue to grow. Add new images, videos, text, blog posts etc. to stop your site from becoming static.

Search Engine Optimisation is a natural building process and something that should be continually worked on.

Even when you’ve reached a high position do not take your foot of the pedal. As although you might rank highly, as soon as you stop updating your website with valuable and useful content, you’ll see your websites position start to drop.

Google base their search results on relevancy so adding new content should be a top priority if want them to reward your website by pushing you up the rankings.

The saying is ‘Content is King’.

All of the steps listed above are white hat SEO tactics that abides by the rules and policies of Google.



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